Saturday, 7 January 2012

CARD MAKING: Wedding Invitations

I spent the whole afternoon making sample cards for my niece, who also happens to be my Goddaughter.  She wanted purple and silver, so I had a go at creating a gate fold card with a couple of alternative inserts.  They turned out pretty well but not the kind that is suitable for mass production.  Anyhow, here are the sample pictures =).

I couldn't get the correct lighting so asked my gorgeous husband to do the photography. In the end we decided to take it outdoors.  I must say, despite the overcast weather, it was much better than taking the shots indoors.

Tools & Products:
Cardstock: Purple and Silver
Embossing Folder: Kimmy Luvs by Cuttlebug
Embossing Tool: Cuttlebug
Stamps: None.  I printed the invite wording on my PC using MS Word Doc.

Here's a closer shot of the individual cards:

The Beach Ceremony

The Garden Ceremony

The Winery

Personally, I like the 'Winery' card for it's simplicity.  BTW, for those who are thinking of crashing the wedding, don't bother... the dates and venues are made up =)

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